The Four Degrees Solution

An incredible yet practical innovation to bridge this gap and bring our communities back together. It brings together the intrinsic human need to share with others and the growing need to interact and do business with those individuals within our community whom we trust.

Origin of Four Degrees

Four Degrees is founded by two highly successful, ambitious and innovative businessmen based in Melbourne, Australia who have incredible professional and personal networks.

The Four Degrees founders recognised a substantial gap in the marketplace to not just connect their networks but to connect our communities and provide a platform where those connections actually result in real personal and professional transactions. They wanted to create something simple, fast and useful and they have achieved exactly that by investing their own time, skills and resources to develop Four Degrees.

  • Matthew Toms


    With a significant shift from full time Corporate life where he had great success over 23 years he is now focussed on developing the startup Four Degrees.

    Four Degrees is a Networking startup to re-connect and re-engage our communities.

  • Campbell Wilson


    With more than a 20 years of experience in the digital, Campbell’s brought his  strength are Digital Marketing to Four Degrees after being approached by Matthew to join the business.

    His priority is to work with the Four Degrees Co Founders to bridge the gap in our networks so users can truly understand and share their services, products, skills and  expertise to their community.

  • John Moncrieff